handmade colorado log furniture crafted with sustainable aspen wood

we have been designing and creating aspen log furniture and decor in colorado for over ten years.
our passion is to take advantage of the abundance of dead aspen wood cluttering our local forests, and to revalue it.
Each piece of timber is carefully selected with a specific piece of use in mind.

our thinning and harvesting dead-standing and fallen aspen trees is healthy for the forest and helps prevent the spread of forest fires.
however, we are always careful of animal habitats and take this issue into special consideration before removing any logs.

thank you for visiting our site and helping us meet our goals of sustainability and conservation.

each piece of wood we use is unique. the dead trees we harvest grow in altitudes above 8,000 feet and are subject to high winds and stress from snow-pack which beautifully contorts and bends the towering aspen. additional characteristics that make each piece naturally special include other environmental effects are elk chew, worm grooves, burls and scorch marks.


dolores, colorado

sustainable furniture

rustic style